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Niobium Wire Soft Round Gray 16 18 20 22 28 Gauge Coil

Niobium Wire Soft Round Gray 16 18 20 22 28 Gauge Coil

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Niobium wire
Round, Dead Soft

Item Details

Type of wire: Pure Niobium Wire, Type 2 (an unalloyed, high-quality commercial-grade material.)

Hypoallergenic wire, Nickel and Lead-free

Hardness: Soft

Shape: Round

Niobium is a lustrous, gray metal with low toxicity (so low that it is safe even for those with extreme sensitivities to metal jewelry) and virtually no susceptibility to tarnish. The metal is white with a platinum-like grayish tone and has a bright metallic luster that can darken somewhat, taking on a bluish tinge when exposed to air over a period of time. Its unique properties as a reactive metal cause niobium to take on a controllable, repeatable range of colors when exposed to various voltages in an electrically charged bath, a process called anodizaton. The colors produced will not rust and cannot be rubbed off, although, over time, its luster may dull somewhat.

..Made and Shipped from the USA..

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- Good packaging. This wire is new and comes from a large spool. The wire is then coiled and secured in plastic wrap.

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