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Filofly, Rose Silver, Dead Soft, Round Wire

Filofly, Rose Silver, Dead Soft, Round Wire

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Filofly Rose Silver Wire: 14% Silver, 86% Copper (No Plating)
Here's a description of Filofly Rose Silver wire:
• Composition: 14% silver, 86% copper (no plating)
• Color: Warm, pinkish-silver hue. Lighter than pure silver but with a richer tone than pure copper.
• Strength: Stronger than pure silver due to the copper content. Suitable for jewelry making and other applications requiring durability.
• Malleability & Ductility: Still retains significant malleability and ductility from the silver content, allowing for shaping and bending.
• Conductivity: Slightly less conductive than pure silver but still a good conductor of electricity and heat.
• Tarnish: May tarnish over time due to the copper content, though slower than pure copper. Cleaning with a jewelry polishing cloth should restore its shine.
• Shiny: Reflects light well, though not as intensely as pure silver.
• Unique color: The pinkish-silver tone makes it stand out from pure silver and provides a warm, attractive look.
• Jewelry making: Popular choice for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry due to its unique color, strength, and affordability.
• Art & crafts: Used in decorative wirework, sculptures, and other creative projects.
• Electrical applications: Can be used in some electrical applications due to its conductivity, though pure silver remains a better conductor.
Additional notes:
• The specific shade of Filofly Rose Silver can vary depending on the exact ratio of silver to copper and the manufacturing process.
• Be aware that some "Rose Silver" wires may actually be plated with a thin layer of silver over a copper core. This type of wire will have a different appearance and tarnish resistance than genuine Rose Silver with no plating.
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