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Filofly, 14/20 Gold-Filled, Dead Soft, Round Wire

Filofly, 14/20 Gold-Filled, Dead Soft, Round Wire

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Introducing Filofly 14/20 Gold Filled Wire - Unleash the Radiance of 14K Gold with a Durable Brass Core! Crafted to perfection, Filofly's 14/20 Gold Filled Wire boasts an exquisite blend of 5% 14K gold and a sturdy brass core. This unique composition ensures that your jewelry creations exude the opulence and allure of pure gold while maintaining the durability of a brass foundation. Experience the Luxurious Brilliance: The 14K gold outer layer imparts a radiant, lustrous finish to your jewelry, elevating each piece to a level of elegance that captivates the beholder. A Foundation of Strength: Reinforced with a robust brass core, Filofly's Gold Filled Wire guarantees the longevity and sturdiness necessary for your designs to withstand the test of time. Craft with Ease: The dead soft round design of our wire allows for effortless manipulation, making it a joy to craft intricate and delicate jewelry pieces that reflect your artistic prowess. Tarnish-Resistant Beauty: Bid farewell to worries about tarnishing, as our Gold Filled Wire is designed to preserve its brilliance and beauty, ensuring your creations continue to shine brightly over time. Versatile Creative Expression: Beyond jewelry-making, this wire opens the door to a myriad of artistic possibilities, making it a versatile companion for various crafts and art projects. Embrace the Excellence: Filofly's renowned commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction ensures that each spool of 14/20 Gold Filled Wire carries the legacy of artisanal excellence. Discover the unparalleled fusion of 14K gold and a durable brass core - the heart of Filofly's Gold Filled Wire. Invest in the best and let your jewelry creations radiate with the splendor of true craftsmanship. Unleash your creativity, explore new horizons, and craft with confidence, powered by Filofly!
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