Free Tutorial 2

Copper and Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Pendant with Round Stone

This is a PDF a long with video tutorial about making simply wire wrapped pendant with Natrolite stone bead. Copper and Gold Filled wires are affordable price. Please feel free to try it yourself.

Base part

STEP 1. Put copper wire through the bead

STEP 2. Bend copper wire at the end of the stone 

STEP 3. Wrap 24 Gauge Gold Filled wire around the bottom part of Copper wire 2-3 times 

STEP 4. Then wrap both Copper wires 2 times

 STEP 5. Tie the wires using Flat nose pliers 

STEP 6. Repeat the same steps for 12 inches long

Beading part

STEP 1. Bend wire around the pen 

STEP 2. This part is about 1 inch

STEP 3. Adjust the wire using Flat nose plier

STEP 4. Put wire through another side

STEP 5. Cut the rest of the wires

STEP 6. Bend the end of the wires using Round nose pliers 

All done! I hope you enjoy making the pendant. For the tools that I used, can be found by clicking the links below.

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