Free Tutorial 1: Herringbone Wire Wrapped Earrings


– 2 pieces of 12 inches (24 gauge 0.020 in 0.51 mm) Filofly 925 Sterling Silver Wire, Dead Soft, Round (for the beads part)

– 2 pieces of  6 inches (18 gauge 0.040 in 1.02 mm) Filofly 925 Sterling Silver Wire, Half Hard, Round (for the hooks)

– A pair of pearl beads (preferably 8 mm)

– Flat nose plier

– Round nose plier

– Wire cutters

Beads part

STEP 1. Make a loop using round nose pliers. Leave one side of wire around 3 inches

STEP 2. Wrap that side around and all the way down of main wire about half inch long, then cut the rest

STEP 3. Put wire through the bead hole move up along the bead

STEP 4. Wrap wire around the top of the bead one time then wrap around the bead to the other side

STEP 5. Repeat that step by wrapping the wire on top of each other on the top

STEP 6. When the wire reaches the top then wrap wire below the loop a couple times and cut the rest

Hooks part

 STEP 1. Pull out wire 6 inches

 STEP 2. Curve wire around the pen

 STEP 3. Loop one end of the wire using round nose pliers

 STEP 4. Loop the other end using round nose pliers also but leave the opening part

STEP 5. Insert the bead part then use flat nose pliers to close the end of the wire

STEP 6. Follow the same steps for the other side

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learned something new. Happy wire wrapping

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